Naming Policies & Considerations

Naming Policy & Considerations


Before creating an official University name, review the University Naming Policy. Proposals for honorary naming are submitted to the President and forwarded to the Naming Advisory Committee for review.


The considerations below will help guide you to create relevant names under the University brand:

When brainstorming words for a name, consider the target audience and unique point(s) of differentiation.

Focus on brevity and clarity, not “catchy”. Choose as few words as possible and make sure those words, in combination, are well-understood by your target audience.

Names should fit properly within our logo system: Primary logo names are best kept to 60 characters maximum including spaces. Promotional logo names for polo shirts and small items such as pens and USB drives should be kept to 20 characters. For long names, the College or Department name is usually the default for small promotional items.

Do not use acronyms as your name or start with an acronym as the goal. Official University logos do not allow acronyms as they do not clearly and easily communicate what the program or department represents. Acronyms can be used in copy after the first mention of the full name.

Do not confuse a name with a tagline. A name identifies a department, center, initiative, program, product or service and includes points of differentiation. A tagline is a short expression of the brand message or promise.


Need assistance with your naming process?

Contact Jenna Rutschman (colleges) or Frank Camp (non-academic units)