Color is one of the most important tools we have to express our brand identity. Utilizing the appropriate color palette is critical to how we connect and resonate with our target audiences.

Please note various vendors will print colors slightly differently. Color can also change depending on the substrate and coating. Please use a color-accurate swatch during your proofing process.

Primary Brand Colors

The University of Arizona primary colors are Arizona Red and Arizona Blue. These colors should have a strong presence in a given composition.
Arizona Red

CMYK 18, 100, 83, 8
RGB 171, 5, 32
HEX #AB0520

Arizona Blue

CMYK 100, 71, 0, 58
RGB 12, 35, 75
HEX #0C234B
PANTONE 281/282

Neutral Colors

The neutral color palette is secondary to our primary colors and enhances them by creating white space. This white space creates a clean, and consistent space in which our primary palette, photography and copy can be highlighted. Additionally, neutrals and/or white space will visually create consistency across all marketing materials through their use as flood or full bleed colors.




CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0
RGB 255, 255, 255

Warm Gray

CMYK 3, 5, 8, 0
RGB 244, 237, 229

Cool Gray

CMYK 10, 4, 5, 0
RGB 226, 233, 235


Complimentary Colors

The complementary color palette highlights the primary colors through shades of blues and red. These tones are useful when creating accents as well as backgrounds for white copy. Do not use the secondary palette as flood colors.

CMYK 100, 60, 0, 75
RGB 0, 28, 72
HEX #001C48
Pantone 2768


CMYK 95, 73, 21, 6
RGB 30, 82, 136
HEX #1E5288
Pantone 647


CMYK 76, 34, 10, 0
RGB 55, 141, 189
Pantone 7689



CMYK 0, 100, 83, 50
RGB 139, 0, 21
HEX #8B0015
Pantone 202






Highlight/Accent Colors

Our highlight color palette complements our primary colors, playing off hues from the natural environment. These colors should not dominate compositions but rather, appear as accents in graphic elements or act as supporting fills within a composition and should not be used as text colors.



CMYK 0, 90, 60, 0
RGB 239, 64, 86
HEX #EF4056
Pantone 710


CMYK 45, 0, 5, 0
RGB 129, 211, 235
Pantone 2905


CMYK 60, 5, 80, 0
RGB 112, 184, 101
HEX #70B865



CMYK 88, 36, 46, 6
RGB 0, 125, 132
HEX #007D84


CMYK 26, 70, 78, 14
RGB 169, 92, 66
HEX #A95C42





The presidential color palette is derived from the University’s legacy color palette of silver and sage. These colors must only be used for presidential collateral under the direction of Presidential Events & University Ceremonies.  If you have any questions regarding this color palette and its use, contact


Downloadable Color Assets

Color Swatches




Color Contrast and Accessibility

Select colors carefully to ensure accessibility of your materials to all audiences. These resources are available from the Disability Resource Center to guide your color choices.

Examples of Work Using Our Color Palette

FY24 Viewbook Student Success District Spread:

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2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament IG Posts

2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament IG Posts

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Bear Down Instagram post


VetMed Mobile Trailer Wrap 2023:

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MarCom Office Window - Finals Prep April 2023:

MarCom Office Window - Finals Prep April 2023

MarCom Office Window - Finals Prep April 2023

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