Media Buying Services

Media Buying Services


Are you looking to bring a campaign to market and advertise across traditional or digital media? Marketing & Brand Management has partnered with RIESTER / MetricsEdge to connect University departments to experts who can help to develop a media strategy and place media on your behalf.

The partnership with RIESTER / MetricsEdge is designed to save campus time and money by providing these benefits:

  • There is no dollar limit on media placements contracted through this agency.
  • There is no need for an RFP (Request for Proposal) for campaigns under $25,000.
  • RIESTER / MetricsEdge has been trained on the University of Arizona brand and are in close contact with Central Marketing & Communications to maximize all departmental campaigns alongside one another.
  • Routing media buying services through this single partner enables RIESTER / MetricsEdge to balance simultaneous University of Arizona campaigns, minimizing bidding conflicts for keywords or out-of-home geographic saturation. Knowledge of multiple University of Arizona campaigns (including the master brand campaign) enables the agency to make more strategic placement recommendations.


While our contract with RIESTER / MetricsEdge is nonexclusive, this agency has been evaluated by central Marketing & Brand Management and judged to be superior for media buying expertise and ability to meet deadlines and price. Cumulative volume discounts are built into our contract with this vendor. The more University departments work with RIESTER / MetricsEdge, the greater the discount all University departments will receive.



Services covered by RIESTER / MetricsEdge include:

  • Media buying and placement services (traditional, out-of-home, digital, etc.)
  • Research & analysis
  • Limited creative work to serve campaigns

Other services may not be included. Please see other pages for services such as content strategy, creative servicespromotional products and print services.



Department can contact RIESTER / MetricsEdge directly to discuss the project needed and obtain a quote (contact information below).


Department will need to work with its own internal business managers or business affairs staff to create a PO (Purchase Order) for the vendor’s work. The PO should reference L#192220.


Agency and department can work together on the project, and upon completion work will bill to the PO.

Media Buying Vendor

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RIESTER / MetricsEdge

Kristi Segall
(602) 456-1079

As one of the largest agencies in Arizona, RIESTER/MetricsEdge is a full-service agency partner with experts in creative design services, media and SEO/SEM innovators, strategists, social media content creators, and expert practitioners. For more than two decades, RIESTER has been chosen by universities to build brand affinity and drive highly valuable prospective student traffic both domestically and internationally. RIESTER has worked closely with both public and private institutions and has a full understanding of the evolving landscape of higher education.