Voice & Tone

Voice & Tone


Our brand voice is something that comes across in our written words as well as through our visual communications and lived experiences.

The Importance of a Consistent Voice

Everything we create as brand ambassadors works together to reinforce our reputation and the idea of who we are from our audiences’ point of view.

This is why it is so important that we are cohesive and consistent across our University efforts. Just like beliefs are thoughts you think over and over again, consistency in our brand voice, tone and key messages leads to stronger brand perceptions and affinity among our audiences.

Use the below tips and guidelines to inspire writing in the University of Arizona brand voice. Unsure of how to say something specific related to the University (e.g., is CatCard one or two words)? Refer to the Written Style Guide.




Our Personality

Our brand positioning statement, “imagination drives resolve,” is used to outline who we are, what we do and for whom. Our voice reflects this promise along with our values, personality and character. It should feel inspiring and human and at the same time, and tap into our desire to explore along with our drive to innovate. We also default to simple language that is accessible to all our audiences, even when speaking about the most complex research.



Mood and Inflection

Our tone is the inflection of our brand voice that delivers our messages with intentionality. The tone will shift depending on our audience, but all brand communications – from social media posts and websites to printed materials and our current brand campaign, “Wonder” – should use the following words as a guide:

The only way the world becomes a better place is by everyone having a mindset that believes good is possible.

Example: Brand Digital Ad
Together, we build stronger communities and futures.
Wonder Unites Us

Example: Social Reel Post
Latina/o/x culture is everywhere. @UArizonaSBS expert Jessica Retis shares how media companies need to understand the differences in these cultures and how to reach them where they are today. #UArizonaSXSW #sxsw #sxsw2023

Wildcats are warm, encouraging and enthusiastic – and our excitement is contagious.

Example: Postcard
Your next big adventure start’s here.
We want to celebrate this moment with you! Take a photo and share it with us using #WILDCATREADY

Example: Social post
Get ready to connect with others, promote causes you care about, build a community, make lifelong friends, and thrive at the University of Arizona! Click the link in our bio to learn more about how we celebrate individuality at our identity and resource centers.

Both smart and sunny, we strive for excellence and engage deeply in our intellectual pursuits while encouraging others to join the fun and co-create with us.

Example: Story Headline
Dancing with Light
Yuanyuan “Kay” He fuses darkness and light, stillness and motion in light paintings — a genre of long-exposure, or slow-shutter, photography.

Example: Story Headline
Meet the bug that tastes 'like quinine with habanero'
Known as the "King of Sting," Justin Schmidt has dedicated his life to the study of insects, mostly the stinging kind.

Between our campus, our community and our “Bear Down!” spirit, we attract big thinkers, foster bold passion and fuel high-impact outcomes.

Example: Story Headline
'Infant galaxies' spotted by Webb Telescope, reaching a major science goal for the mission
Less than a year after the James Webb Space Telescope's Christmas Day launch in 2021, scientists have captured images of the most distant galaxies ever seen.

Example: Story Headline
For Student Success, Science of Sport Hits a Home Run
The program has benefited nearly 500,000 elementary and middle school youth since 2012.

We believe all channels should be open and explored. This is where it is “we” instead of “I” and where we choose to care about others.

Example: Story Headline
Vision 'Sesh' with Three New University Leaders
The deans of the College of Education, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Eller College of Management contemplate a dean’s role within the university ecosystem.

Example: Social Post
Our Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American Heritage Month is a celebration of many cultures, dozens of nationalities and hundreds of languages, whose traditions are lighting the way forward to a better world.

Wildcats respond to the issues of today – and tomorrow.

Example: Story Headline
University of Arizona Professor Confronts Climate Change
Joellen Russell phrases what she calls “the problem of our age” as a question: “How do we bend that carbon dioxide curve?”

Example: Story Headline
Researchers Determined to Prevent Viruses From Winning
Under the shadow of increasing viral threats, researchers at the Aegis Consortium are working to create a pandemic-free future.

Examples of Voice & Tone Use Cases


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Social Media

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