Logo System

Logo System


The University of Arizona logo and trademark system is cohesive and amplifies the great work done across all units in order to protect and increase our reputation.

University Master Logo and Registered Marks:

If you are a designated marketing lead submitting a new logo request, you will be asked to identify the exact content and its placement in the new lockup architecture.

Please review the Primary Logo Construction as noted below and provide the position for each entity as needed:

Logo graphic

Zone 2
The University of Arizona
Secondary Entity (College, Department)

Zone 1
Primary Entity

Zone 3
Tertiary Entity

Logo Treatments

Use these guidelines on logo treatments across our diverse entities and affiliations at Arizona for a more cohesive brand experience.

Brand Extensions

Brand Extensions directly serve and support the mission of the University. These include colleges and central offices that incorporate the master logo with a consistent "lockup", or spatial relationship, to reinforce and strengthen the brand.

  • Academic Colleges
  • Non-academic University offices, divisions and business units
Sub-brands: Schools, Centers, Institutes and Departments

Sub-brands are part of something greater and are never stand-alone brands. They support the overall mission of the University, but they are often not recognized without a connection to the master brand or primary sub-brand. These include schools and academic departments, as well as centers, programs, institutes and initiatives.

Endorsed Brands: Entities that further the University's mission, but may have their own equity and serve audiences outside the university

Endorsed brands are cross-university collaborations and external partnerships that further the University's mission, but have a broader reach. They may have their own equity and serve audiences outside of the University.


Logo Applications for Brand Extensions, Sub-brands and Endorsed Brands

Logo versions are created for multiple use cases and include Primary, Alternate, Limited, Promotional/Embroidery and Web header. Versions and their recommended uses can be found in your Logo Showback document. If you are missing a version you need, please reach out to your Designated Marketing Lead.


College of Humanities logo

Alternate/Web Header:

College of Humanities logo
Affiliate Brands: Independent collaborations or organizations recognized as standalone brands

Affiliated brands are independent collaborations or organizations that are recognized as standalone brands. They generally have separate governance, a separate corporate structure (e.g., their own 501(C)(3)), and at least some separate funding. Affiliated brands include, but are not limited to:

• Arizona State Museum     • Center for Creative Photography     • Southwest Folklife Alliance     • University Press

Note: The weight between the individual identity and the Master Brand is decided on a case-by-case basis so both enhance each other's reputations. Affiliated brands are determined on a case-by-case basis.


Arizona State Museum logo
Clubs & Organizations: Student organizations, student clubs, sports clubs, and campus events

Visit the Clubs & Organizations page for specific guidelines on the appropriate use of Arizona marks when creating marketing, promotional materials and communications for, and on behalf of, University-recognized student clubs and organizations.

The “Block A” does not combine with these logos, but must appear as a secondary element on communication pieces.

Multiple Logos

Avoid using multiple University of Arizona logos in the same space, whether it is a printed material or a digital asset. You can however use the LIMITED logo version. The LIMITED logo version is used when several Arizona units are mentioned (co-sponsors) and the master logo is prominently displayed, to ensure only ONE “Block A” logo is visible.


Tshirt example for Spring Fling
Tshirt example for Spring Fling