ONE Conference

Thank you for joining us at the 2023 ONE Conference Tuesday, July 18!


ONE Conference 2023 Takeaways

We appreciate your insights and the curiosity you brought to the day’s discussions. This is the kind of work that exemplifies our power of perspectives and ultimately strengthens our University brand.

The energy of the day was off the charts (despite the sweltering heat outside) and we’ve heard from many attendees already that the breakouts and the keynote hit a little differently this year - in a very positive way. There were many invaluable takeaways, including Coach Barnes’ message about trust when it comes to what makes a winning team.

This idea tracks within our individual teams as well as across our ONE group of marketing and communications professionals. We look forward to growing that trust this year by being vulnerable with each other, having each other’s backs and holding each other accountable through our commitment to meet with more intention and co-create the tools and resources we need to meet our business goals.

Below are the session presentations if you missed them and that you can reference this next year as you put ideas into action. As always, reach out to with any questions.

Crowd at ONE Conference
Carrie Johnson presenting at the ONE conference

Jenna Rutschman
Director of Marketing Strategy, Colleges

Frank Camp
Director of Marketing Strategy, Non-Academic Units

Christie Harper
Vice President, Campus Brand Engagement, Marketing & Communications

Brad Bohlander
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer


Adia Barnes
Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Coach Barnes shared her insights and experience as a coach, player and community member and how each role requires a strong team culture that fosters trust, respect and open communication.

Jenna Rutschman presenting at the ONE conference
Frank Camp presenting at the ONE conference
Christie Harper presenting at the ONE conference
Brad Bohlander presenting at the ONE conference
Adia Barnes presenting at the ONE Conference


Know Your Audience: Gen Z from Enrollment Journey to Student Retention

Understanding your target audience is key to any sound marketing or communications strategy. In this session, learn how in undergraduate admissions and enrollment, this means staying up to date on market research and demographic trends that impact bringing in the main campus class each year. For student success and retention, it means taking into account current students' stressors and timing outreach accordingly for maximum effectiveness.


Ariana Valverde, Director, Admissions Communications
Emily Ross, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management
Magan Alfred, Senior Director, Enrollment Marketing and Communication


Quickstart 2: Reinvented for Integration & Collaboration

To better serve your digital needs, Quickstart has undergone more than just a makeover. There are new features and functionalities included in Quickstart 2 that make it more integrated with and valuable to the University at large.

We'll review recent integrations including the Digital Asset Manager, Trellis Events and Marketing Cloud Newsletters, and hear more of what you'd like to see in the future!


Cameron Green, Web Application Developer/Analyst
Henry Greenberg, Director, Web Experience


The Inside Scoop: Unlocking the Power of Internal Communications

Gain helpful insights and perspectives about internal communications at the University, including best practices and effective ways to engage with faculty and staff (hint: there are more channels than just email!).

This session will feature resources and tips for crafting an internal communications plan and for writing with clarity to create messages that people will read and understand. Learn how you can work in collaboration with the internal communications team to implement future projects and initiatives. Get guidance and tips from the Disability Resource Center on how to create inclusive and accessible communications.



Dawn Hunziker, Associate Director, Disability Resource Center
Marie-Chantale Maltais, Executive Director, Internal Communications
Kelly Adams Keller, Assistant Director, Internal Communications



Building Brand Equity: The Elements that Bring the Brand to Life

Join us for an engaging creative panel on expanding the University of Arizona brand. Gain insights into the foundations of brand equity: using our brand identity consistently, building awareness from campaigns like Wonder and developing a unique brand equity that resonates with your audience and communicates our university's purpose and values. The session features a 30-minute presentation, interactive questions and a dedicated Q&A session. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate our brand presence and gain valuable expertise.


Jenna Rutschman, Director of Marketing Strategy, Colleges
Jennifer LaHue-Smith, Creative Director, Marketing & Brand Management
Adrienne Barela, Director of Content, Marketing & Brand Management
David Miller, Executive Director for Content Strategy
Clarissa Becerril, Graphic Designer, Marketing & Brand Management


How University Data Can Help Tell Your Unit’s Story

University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) is the facilitator of the University's Enterprise Data Warehouse—an exciting and beneficial tool for you!

In this session, we'll share how we empower decision-makers across the University to leverage data, information and analytics to inform policy and practice and tell the Arizona story at an institution, college and department level.

You'll walk away understanding the major data tools and services available to you, so you can confidently utilize University data to enhance marketing materials and unique communication content.


Ashley Hurand, Assistant Director, UAIR
Ravneet Chadha, Chief Data Officer / Associate Vice President, UAIR
Fallon Murphy, Communications Specialist


What’s Hot in Digital; GA4, SEO and Paid Media

In this panel, we'll share what’s new with paid advertising on social media and cover how to become part of the University-wide Google Ads account. It's already been two weeks since GA3 went away. We will discuss how to leverage the new GA4 account and cover how best to access your site’s insights in this new analytics platform. Additionally, we will touch on SEO and how artificial intelligence can help create well-structured metadata schema.



Michelle Nugent, Associate Media Director, MetricsEdge
Catherine Gustafson, Web Experience Manager
Tiffany Sellwood, Chief Analytics Officer, MetricsEdge
Sabre Sarnataro, Executive Director, Digital Marketing
Maria Cardenas Perez, Director, Marketing Media



Strategic Brand Development

How can our University of Arizona logos work better for you? Join this discussion to understand how to best use our University logos externally to expand your departmental goals and the University's purpose and values. The Trademarks and Licensing team will also highlight recent revenue-generating projects across campus, clarify logo usage and permissions and introduce the new strategic partnerships office.


Courtney Spector, Director, Strategic Partnerships
Alixe Holcomb, Director, Trademarks & Licensing
Laura Little, Associate Director, Trademarks & Licensing


Transforming Marketing with AI

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on how you can get started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing and communications. This is meant to be an accessible discussion on getting started with AI integration in your marketing and communications roles and teams while maintaining ethical considerations and a mindful approach.

Our distinguished strategists will share the "power of perspectives" through an insightful introduction to AI, with a particular focus on tools like ChatGPT, and the differences between predictive and generative AI models.

Our experts will elaborate on practical ways to explore AI, where AI excels and where it still misses the mark. They will emphasize the importance of accountability and mindfulness when utilizing AI tools, ensuring you understand how to harness the potential of these tools responsibly while fostering inclusivity and diversity in your strategies. Through personal anecdotes and professional experiences, our experts will also highlight how they have successfully implemented AI tools both in their careers and personal lives.


Jessica Talbert, Data Strategist, Salesforce
Darcy Van Patten, Chief Technology Officer
Frank Camp, Director of Marketing Strategy, Non-Academic Units
Eric Doolan, Vice President of Digital Production, LaneTerralevel


Leveraging Collaborations & Change While Keeping Social Content Student-Centered

Social media is always changing, but the need for good content that leverages the platform never will. Case in point: Last fall, the Campus Brand Engagement and Campus Health teams joined forces to leverage short form video aimed at giving students vital mental health resources. Pivoting away from the 'bulletin board' use of social, they worked together to identify usable mental health tips that could be shared by the actual CAPS counselors in vertical videos.

As we begin the next fiscal year, take some time to hear about the experience in more detail and to brainstorm with fellow professionals on campus about ways you can leverage social platforms and collaborate together to create student-centered content.



Emily Stulz, Director, Social Media
Carrie Johnson, Senior Health Educator & Health Communications Manager, Campus Health



Fuel WONDER / The University's Next Big Fundraising Campaign

Learn about the upcoming public phase of the university's next comprehensive fundraising campaign, which will launch during Homecoming 2023. We will walk you through the campaign branding and communications strategy and preview toolkit assets that campus will have access after the public announcement.


Liz Warren-Pederson, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Arizona Foundation
DCory Aaland, University of Arizona Foundation

How to Incorporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Into Your Day-to-Day Work

Throughout the day we have taken steps to ingrain DEI concepts into our sessions. Join an engaged discussion about how to take your learnings from today and do the same with your day-to-day work.


Thomas Harris, Associate Athletics Director, Inclusion and Employee Engagement


How to Contribute

Join us for an afternoon session featuring Jenna Rutschman, Director of Marketing Strategy for Colleges; Frank Camp, Director of Marketing Strategy for Non-Academic Units; and Marie-Chantale (MC) Maltais, Executive Director of Internal Communications. This session offers a unique opportunity to connect with Jenna, Frank and MC with the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights on how to effectively navigate and connect within the dynamic marketing and communications ecosystem on our campus.


Marie-Chantale Maltais, Executive Director, Internal Communications
Jenna Rutschman, Director of Marketing Strategy, Colleges
Frank Camp, Director of Marketing Strategy, Non-Academic Units


Overview of the PAX Group Report and Recommendations

The PAX Group’s Report, “Review of the University of Arizona’s Safety and Security Environment” was released to the public on March 27, 2023. In this special Q&A session, Interim Chief Safety Officer Steve Patterson will provide an overview of the Report’s recommendations and their implementation followed by an opportunity for questions from the audience.


Steve Patterson, Interim Vice President, Chief Safety Officer

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